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Open House 101: Get the deal signed, sealed and delivered

Open House 101: Get the deal signed, sealed and delivered




Throwing an open house is a lot like going on a first date. You arrange the date, time, pick a setting, wear your best threads and do all that you can to set the mood and make a good impression. All this in the hope of getting a second date. The difference here is that instead of trying to charm your way into their arms, your goal is to do like Stevie Wonder and get the sale of the house signed, sealed, delivered.

For your next date, ahem, we mean OPEN HOUSE, try taking the following approach, it might just give you the edge over the competition and get them fawning over your listing.

1: Reel them in

There are many ways to get the word out: some well-timed social media activity, illustrated listings on your company’s website, digital advertising, printed ads in glossy magazines and, of course, old-fashioned networking. Also, never underestimate the power of a well-placed, well designed sign that ‘pops’ in a neighborhood – it’s not just the property that benefits from curb appeal after all. Of course, there’s always the option of Skywriting, but let’s stick to the basics for now.  It’s important that your business cards are looking as good as you do, so why not print some of your dazzling smile?

2. Make an impression

Whether it’s a pool, a beautiful view or track lighting, every property has something that makes it stand out from the pack. A prime amenity, if positioned properly at a showing, can make or break a deal or, at the very least, deflect the buyer’s attention from some of the property’s not-so-attractive elements, like the unfinished basement or the fossilized bubble gum on the kitchen floor. If the house has a state-of-the-art sound system, don’t be afraid to load that Spotify playlist – mind the Miley Cyrus though, Frank Sinatra might be more appropriate.

Remember to display these wow factors across all of the lovely colorful flyers and postcards – make sure you have plenty of them for guests to take home and keep you top of mind – using a luxe paper stock will make prospects more likely to take note, too. If the property has a great view, make it the dominant photo on a listing sheet, it could prove to be the perfect hook for prospective house hunters.

3. Set the mood

Your well thought out promotional activities will have spiked interest in the event by now, next is making sure the property looks its absolute best.

Staging a home with attractive furniture and artwork can be a wonderful way to showcase a property – many decorators are one-stop shops for this kind of thing. Spending money before the listing is even shown, let alone sold, can of course be a risky proposition, so do a quick cost analysis: How much is the sale price likely to increase if the property is staged?

If spending money is not a viable option, there are lots of other (almost) free techniques you can apply to make the home look as good as your cards do. Be sure to get some freshly cut flowers to add color and brighten up the space, they also evoke the idea of a well run home. The same applies to laying out some fruit or a loaf of artisan bread in the kitchen – they allow prospects to visualize themselves living at the property. Providing simple snacks and refreshments to your guests may even be what makes the prospects get a taste for making an offer.

4. Keep the conversation flowing

Get to know everyone who comes to the open house. If they’re not a good fit for this particular listing, don’t dismiss them, make sure you are making a connection – they might be perfect for the next one! Ask them what their price range is, what style architecture they’re looking for, if the panic room needs space for a full bar. If they need financial help, offer to get them in touch with a helpful loan specialist that you know. They’ll appreciate the referral and be more likely to come back to you once they’re qualified.

At a crowded open house, though, getting to know every attendee can be a challenge, but is totally worth it. These events allow you to promote your services whether they like this particular property or not and a quick interaction with people at these events is always better than none at all. It might be best to take notes on a small pad and jot down little clues about everyone as you’re showing the home.

5. The tricky follow up text

Make sure you get everyone’s contact information, details about what they’re after and some of the personal traits about them as a prospective home buyer. A list of 100 e-mails might seem impressive after an open house, but you’re going to have a tough time leveraging it if you just send each one a canned form letter – remember that like a first date, personal touches go a long way. As you probably know already, if they were interested, you wouldn’t need to email them at all – they’d be picking up your business cards and calling you.

For the other 99 percent, though, it’s worth sending them a handwritten note to say thanks for coming and offering them help in finding their next home. At the end of the day, this property may not have been right for them (perhaps they don’t like Miley), but you could have their perfect place for them in the future.

By following this advice for your next open house means that you’ll be charmed and ready to go from inquiry to sale.  Now, go get ‘em tiger!

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Photo/ Original Blog by Andrew King – The MOO Blog, March 12, 2016



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